Vacation Week 2013

Once a year, we leave our regular routine of life and enter into a vacation world of just the three of us.

Work is finally on hold, dishes and laundry are left until we return, we don’t worry about coordinating with family or friends, and we are able to just focus on fun as a family.

My husband gets three vacation weeks a year and we always spend two of them traveling to see family in GA. We so rarely have family time in regular life and date nights happen only twice a year. So this one week of just us is always cherished.

This year, we spent the first bit of vacation time doing house projects. Perhaps not relaxing but my goodness did we get a lot done! I can never go out of town if the house is a mess and I had a lot of small home improvement projects on my list so we knocked them out.

Then we spent a day at the Great Wolf Lodge. I was a bit nervous about taking a three year old to a water park but he LOVED it!!

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Our next stop was VA Beach. We had a great time in the sun, sand, and pool.

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To end our week we went to our very first baseball game in Richmond. We were lucky enough to go on a night with fireworks and “kids run the bases.” We had a great time!

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Vacation always seems to go by too quickly, but every year I cherish that small break in routine and busy for a few days of fun.

A Month of Busy

It’s been quiet here in this space. I have missed the ritual that has become soothing to me; this almost daily clack of a keyboard and the composition of thoughts onto a screen. I have missed the conversations with blogging friends and I have dearly missed reading the well articulated words of all the blogs I follow. I feel like I have stepped away from a part of my life.

But in doing that, I have been living a different part. After my son’s school ended at the end of May, my husband had a week of vacation. It was family time that was well overdue, since he had been on nights the entire month of May. That means we only see him for about an hour a day because he works all night and sleeps all day. It also means I can feel quite lonely and overwhelmed with the care of the toddler on my own. So for the May vacation, we decided we would stay close to home. We planned a day trip to Lurray Caverns in VA, which was only about an hour and half outside of Richmond. We packed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch and headed out. When we got there, we enjoyed a tour of an old car museum, a tour of the caves, and a great burger at a local restaurant. (Don’t worry, we ate the peanut butter jelly sandwiches, too. Caves make you hungry. Or at least that’s the excuse we’ll go with for our two lunches.) The toddler got to pick out “special rocks” and hasn’t stopped carrying them around since.

When we got home, we just sat around in the livingroom and ordered pizza for dinner. It was perfect.

The next morning, we packed up the car with clothes, bathing suits, and some sand buckets and headed to Virginia Beach. It was only a two-hour drive from Richmond and it rained the entire way. After checking into our hotel and resting for a minute, we headed out to the VA aquarium. It could not have been a better rainy day activity. We had a great time watching the fish and even getting to pet a sting ray. That night, we enjoyed a seafood buffet at our hotel and fell asleep to the sound of the waves from our ocean front room.

The next morning, all traces of rain were gone. We lathered ourselves in sunscreen and headed out for a day on the beach. It was perfect and we all managed to avoid sunburn while getting some much-needed sun, sandcastle building, and relaxation in. That night we went to dinner and walked on the sand in the dark with glow sticks.

When morning arrived again, it was time to go home. We loaded up the car and enjoyed one more walk on the beach before driving home and resting at our house for the remainder of the day. (And the next day, too.)

That Sunday, the last day my hubs had off, I finally got to go do something I’ve been wanting to do for two months; go meet my best friend’s baby. Due to my husband’s schedule and not wanting to bring my active toddler to meet her newborn, it took a long time to get a visit scheduled. My friend lives in North Carolina, so the day trip involved a three and a half hour drive each way. That long day was certainly worth it; the baby is beautiful.

The vacation for my husband was ending but the adventures for my son and I were still going. After I got home from my North Carolina day trip, my husband went back to work and the toddler and I began the process of a billion loads of laundry and getting the house back in place from our trip. Which then also involved re-packing and some errands, because we were about to head to Georgia.