One Day

I know it’s a taboo topic, but my husband and I are currently having financial woes. It is nothing that we can not handle and nothing that we can not sort through, but it will take some time and effort to deal with these expenses. Last night, while I was feeling particularly frustrated with everything and yet another bill came in to add to our pile, my husband tried to be comforting by saying, “One day, we’ll have enough money that this won’t be a problem and we’ll have all of these bills paid off. I’ll just keep pulling over time shifts until we can build back up.”

I sighed, and rather than find solace in his words I was frustrated. “But I don’t like you doing so much overtime. We never see you. And if we are just living for the ‘one days’ we are forgetting the right nows. This is our life right now.”

And then he said the most wonderful thing, “This is my one day. I knew that one day, I would be in residency doing a job I loved. I knew I would have a nice house and a beautiful wife and a crazy son,” he said as we both glanced at the toddler who was unloading the groceries I just brought in by trying to open and eat them.

And we stopped and smiled and laughed a bit and then I told him how sweet that was and kissed him in the middle of the kitchen. We embraced like this and shared this moment until little hands grabbed our legs and demanded our attention.

We have one days to live for and goals to meet. But the right now is pretty good too, if we just remember that once upon a time, our ‘right now’ was still just a dream for our ‘one day’.