Vacation Week 2013

Once a year, we leave our regular routine of life and enter into a vacation world of just the three of us.

Work is finally on hold, dishes and laundry are left until we return, we don’t worry about coordinating with family or friends, and we are able to just focus on fun as a family.

My husband gets three vacation weeks a year and we always spend two of them traveling to see family in GA. We so rarely have family time in regular life and date nights happen only twice a year. So this one week of just us is always cherished.

This year, we spent the first bit of vacation time doing house projects. Perhaps not relaxing but my goodness did we get a lot done! I can never go out of town if the house is a mess and I had a lot of small home improvement projects on my list so we knocked them out.

Then we spent a day at the Great Wolf Lodge. I was a bit nervous about taking a three year old to a water park but he LOVED it!!

Vacation May 2013 142 Vacation May 2013 132 Vacation May 2013 128 Vacation May 2013 118 Vacation May 2013 068 Vacation May 2013 009Vacation May 2013 145 great wolf lodge

Our next stop was VA Beach. We had a great time in the sun, sand, and pool.

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To end our week we went to our very first baseball game in Richmond. We were lucky enough to go on a night with fireworks and “kids run the bases.” We had a great time!

wpid-20130531_195157.jpg wpid-20130531_195228.jpg wpid-20130531_205604.jpg wpid-20130531_220018.jpg wpid-20130531_221228.jpg

Vacation always seems to go by too quickly, but every year I cherish that small break in routine and busy for a few days of fun.