Tooth Trouble: The Update

My son has had tooth trouble since he was a baby, and on Tuesday we just completed our latest round of treatment; a second dental surgery. You can read all about our tooth trouble and his first surgery here:

This time, my husband and I took our son to our new dentist (who we love), and after checking his vitals and reviewing the treatment plan the dentist gave him an oral dose of a sedative. We took our little guy back out to the waiting room and held him as he got a bit sleepy but mostly he said it just made him dizzy. When the dentist came to get him he went off in a daze and my husband and I exchanged a look that all at once expressed our nervousness and calmness and here-we-go-again-ness in a we’ve been together forever and I can read your looks kind of way.

And then we waited.

About two hours later we were able to get our little guy who was still out of his from the sedation and the procedure. His mouth was swollen and he was groggy, but they were able to fill all 4 cavities, do a through cleaning, get x-rays, and do “nerve work”, which, if I’m honest, I’m not entirely clear on what that means.

One of the teeth that had a cavity was his only remaining front tooth. It had an extensive cavity but she was able to put filling through out the entire back of the tooth to keep the tooth in tact.

We were left with instructions to keep him on as sugar-free of a diet as possible, do diligent brushing, and make sure we use the toddler flossers for nightly flossing.

I am so relieved that our little guy is healthy after this second round of dental surgery. And I am hoping, really really hoping, that we can avoid teeth drama for a bit.


Checking vitals before surgery.

imageMy boys pre-op.