The Great Wolf Lodge Adventure on Moonfrye

I have a post up at Moonfrye today about doing a very difficult thing; stepping out of your comfort zone.

Have you let yourself experience an adventure lately?

Join me as I talk about letting go, stepping out, and even finding yourself having fun.

See you there! xo

great wolf lodge

Mini Makeover: Yellow Front Door

We’ve been on a home improvement kick lately; painting, organizing, adding items.

One of my favorite things has been our yellow front door makeover.

I had been coveting this yellow front door ever since I saw it floating around on Pinterest.

Yellow Front Door Inspiration (

Yellow Front Door Inspiration (

After a day of painting, we changed our boring front door to a lovely yellow.

Our Yellow Front Door

Our Yellow Front Door

Join me at Moonfrye, where I break down the steps on how to do your very own DIY front door makeover.

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Blended Pieces on Moonfrye

“The sun was peeking through the clouds giving slight highlights to our morning as we traced the familiar steps to the car.

My son climbed into his almost too small car seat. I remember when he seemed so small in it and though he will always be my little, he sees himself as big.

I like these morning rides, these insights into his toddler mind as he asks me questions or tells me stories.

The engine reluctantly warmed itself to start in the cold as I adjusted the heat and put on the silly songs CD my son likes to listen to during our drives to school.

A rushed pulling out of the driveway left us headed to school just a few minutes late, because try as we might we can never make it out of the house exactly on time.

As I turned on to the next street I slowed as a kitten ran across the road.

“Oh, no, get out of the road little kitty!” I exclaimed.

“Why, Mommy?”

“I just saw a kitty run across the road but I don’t want to hurt it.”

“No, because then it would be squished and have to fly up to God.”

I paused at his certainty but responded with “Yes, then the kitty would go up to heaven with God.”

I then gave pause to my uncertainty as I added, “Mommy’s Daddy lives in heaven.”….”

Join me at Moonfrye to read the rest of this post as I take on the tender subject of talking about my Dad to my son. I would love to see you there. xo

Calendars and Half Birthdays

Three and a Half

Three and a Half

March 1st is my son’s half birthday. (Yes, I am that mom that knows his half birthday.)

On his 6 month, 18 month, and 2 1/2  half birthdays they all seemed very significant and we even had little half birthday celebrations.

But this year, this three and a half, didn’t send me reeling. Three and a half seems normal, ok, not life changing. I mentioned it to my husband who gently rolled his eyes in his “Really? But I still think your adorable” way. Or at least that’s what I think it means.

We had a busy but lovely weekend and I managed my son’s three and a half birthday without a mushy moment or a tear. Very big progress for this mushy mommy.

But I did write it down on our calendar, marking the milestone down on paper and recording the memory.

I’m over at Moonfrye today talking about just that; the beauty I find in good old fashioned paper calendars.

Join me there as I tell you why a calendar is so much more than an event keeper; it’s my memory holder.

I would be honored if you come tell me how you keep your memories.


Growing Up and Getting Dressed

noah shoes

Today, I’m honored to be over at Moonfrye talking about a simple task, but an oh so important one; getting dressed.

It’s not as easy as you might think.

Join me as I talk about the push and pull of socks and shirts and the in between world of baby and big kid.

I can not wait to see you there!


A New Normal

Of all of the parenting “things,” I think the hardest thing we have tackled is the sleeping issue.

Our little guy was never a good sleeper, and it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to say that I have not slept through the night since the day he was born. (Or before, because of all of the night wakings during pregnancy!)

We have done attachment parenting, not to make a statement, but because it is what has worked for us.

But recently, it has just gotten to be too much. Our son is nearly three and a half, and after thinking about it a lot, writing about it here, and reading the book The No Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers recommended to me by my dear friend Devon Riesenburg of The Jack Chronicles, we have decided it is time for the transition out of our room.

Join me at Moonfrye where I talk a little bit about our journey into finding a new normal in our space between a baby world and a big boy one.

I would love to see you there!