Easter 2013

Occasionally, when my husband’s schedule allows it, we like to go big for holidays. Last year we (kind of randomly) went big for St. Patrick’s Day. This year (more appropriately) we went big for Easter.

This Easter weekend, we were able to have a rare family night Friday night which we used to go out for Mexican dinner and clean the house together to get ready for the Easter bunny! The Easter bunny was coming Friday night because my husband had to work a night shift Saturday. Early Saturday morning we woke up to find the fun goodies left by the Easter bunny, and then we headed to a local park that does a large Easter egg hunt every year. We got there in time to have a wonderful egg hunt, play in the park, and enjoy the activities like the music, moon bounce  and slide. We even had a food truck lunch.

After that we experienced yet another novelty in our lives; the chance to go to the mall together. We racked up on new shoes for the boys and then headed home for a much needed family nap. After the hubs headed off to work the toddler and I enjoyed a quiet evening and went to bed.

Sunday morning the hubs was still at work and my son and I had to wake up extra extra early so I could be at choir rehearsal. My sweet little guy sat and watched our entire rehearsal before I dropped him off at Sunday school and sang through two church services. My husband met us at church and then we all headed over to a friend’s house for a wonderful afternoon of Easter dinner and fun.

And without further ado, I present to you the cutest little toddler ever in his Easter best.

Easter 2013 005

Easter 2013 006

Easter 2013 010

Easter 2013 018

Easter 2013 027

Easter 2013 029

Easter 2013 030

Easter 2013 035

Easter 2013 036

Easter 2013 041

Easter 2013 059

Easter 2013 069

Easter 2013 076

Easter 2013 079

Easter 2013 092

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Easter 2013 098

Easter 2013 104

Easter 2013 108

Easter 2013 115

Easter 2013 123

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Easter 2013 151

Easter 2013 153

Easter 2013 167

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Easter 2013 172 2

Easter 2013 174

Easter 2013 189




Happy Easter!




That Mom

I am not that mom.
The mom who makes homemade outfits and always has cookies in the cake plate.
The mom that has organic healthy meals prepared for dinner every night.
The mom that has crafts and busy bags and art projects in mind for each day.
I’m not a Pinterest worthy mom or a working out of the home mom or even a really put together mom.

I am his mom.
I am the mom who worries too much but tries not to show it.
That mom who is sometimes so overwhelmed by the love I feel for my son that it moves me to tears.
That mom that sometimes loses my temper.
That mom that keeps a clean looking house,  but you probably shouldn’t touch anything because toddlers are sticky.
That mom that will read a million bedtime stories and spends hours cuddling because there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.
That mom who is aware, every day, that these moments, the good and the bad, will not last forever.

I am not a perfect mom.
But I am his mom.
And for getting to be that mom, I am thankful.

My little guy very proudly showing me a train.

My little guy very proudly showing me a train, and me very proudly capturing a picture.


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