The Beauty in a Story Pillow

Remember how I told you that there was an adorable pillow I wanted to tell you about for Father’s Day?

Without further ado….

Daddy and Me Pillow


How cute is that? (And yes, it is propped up on a Pirate Ship for the picture.)

And the precious pillow counterpart….

Noah's Story Pillow

Story Pillow Back


How much do you love these pillows?

My favorite blog link up is Memories Captured. It’s a sweet link up hosted by Alison and Galit that celebrates capturing your latest memories. It is so fun to participate, share your memories and read and see the sweet moments of other families. If you enter, you have a chance to win one of the amazing prizes they offer at each link up.

I was lucky enough to be selected as a winner of a Story Pillow by Moving Stories at the January Memories Captured link up. I was asked to send some personal information and some pictures and Michelle would handle the rest.

Oh my goodness, did she. Not only did she incorporate the pictures I sent her into a unique design, she also included a quote that I always say to my son, and mine and my son’s very favorite feature is the sweet surprise Noah Bear puppet that she made to fit in the pillow pocket. I have been calling my son Noah Bear since he was in my tummy and he adores the little bear that looks like him in his special pillow.

Noah Bear

And then there’s this gorgeous Father’s Day pillow that my husband and I both LOVE! Michelle surprised me with the making of this pillow, and when I saw the pictures of it in my email I just had to buy it. She did not even know, but we are HUGE University of Georgia fans and having a pillow with my boys on it in UGA colors is priceless. And I adore the pom poms. It already has a very prized placement on our living room couch.

The cats love it too.

The cats love it too.

Michelle was truly a pleasure to work with. She was very patient as I sorted through pictures to send and was very detailed in her emails about the progress of the pillow. These pillows are hand sewn and the attention to detail is just beautiful. I hope that my son’s pillow will be one he treasures into college and adulthood. How neat is it to have a pillow of your family and your nickname brought to life to snuggle with every night?

I am so excited to be the recipient of these pillows and they came just in time for Father’s Day. I have to admit that I had never heard of a Story Pillow before, but I am absolutely in love with this sweet idea.

Surprisingly, Story Pillows are not even the main part of Michelle’s business! Moving Stories specializes in movie making and can capture your moments for personal stories, business presentations, or documentaries.

If you are interested in working with Michelle to make your very own story pillow or to explore all of the creative services Moving Stories has to offer, head over to

I can’t wait to see what you create!

*I received a free story pillow as a prize from the Memories Captured link up. I purchased the Daddy and Me pillow for Father’s Day. All opinions and recommendations are my own.*