My Husband is Inspirational?

A conversation with my husband yesterday:

Hubs: “Hey babe, did you make a New Year’s Resolution this year?”

Me: “Do you read my blog at all?”

Hubs: “What? Yes.”

Me: “I just posted about that.”

Hubs: “Oh. What did you say?”

Me: “Well there’s this thing going around in the blogging community where you choose a word instead of concrete resolutions, and you kind of use that as a back drop for your year. So I picked the words “let go” and I’m just going to try to let go of some of the negativity in my life.”

Hubs: “Hmm. That’s really cool baby. Well, you would be really proud of me. So far, I am 6 for 6 of meeting my resolution goal.”

Me: “Yeah? What resolution did you make?”

Hubs: “My New Year’s Resolution was… to get out of bed every morning.”

Me: …

Me: “You inspire me daily.”

And that’s my life. I hope you are all having a great start back into the swing of things this week! The hubs is back at work, toddler back at school, and I’m back to writing. As much as I enjoyed a whirlwind Christmas break complete with the toddler and I being sick, a week long trip to GA, and getting to meet my 5 day old niece (squee!), I am glad to be back into the normal routine of things this week.


Me: “Hey, babe, what does “gregarious” mean?” (Isn’t that terrible? I’m a writer who has a limited vocabulary.) (Also that’s the first time I’ve called myself a writer, which is maybe ironic since this is not my best effort.)

Hubs: “Um, kind of like over the top, why?”

Me: “That can’t be right. Someone called me that the other day.”

Enter the Google search which returned the following results:


  1. (of a person) Fond of company; sociable.
  2. (of animals) Living in flocks or loosely organized communities.
Synonyms: sociable – social – companionable
Me: “Oh that’s good, I’m sociable!”
Hubs: “You’re a flock.”
Me: give hubs a look
Hubs: “What did the person say?”
Me: “They said that if my child is as gregarious as I am we will have to watch out for his teenage years.”
Hubs: “Hmm.”
Me: “Cool. I’m gregarious!”
Have you learned anything new about yourself lately?