CONAN in Atlanta

I mentioned it briefly and posted some pictures on Instagram, but on Wednesday April 3rd, something amazing happened.

I went to see Conan O’Brien.

I love Conan like Kimberly at All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something loves Chuck Norris or like my best friend loved Jonathan Taylor Thomas when we were kids, or like you love Justin Timberlake. (I won’t tell anyone.)

I always joke with my husband that I married him because he has red hair and then we had a son with red hair too, who is the cutest toddler ever, so I must think red heads are adorable. It’s a subconscious thing.

I have loved Conan for YEARS and before I turned 30 it was one of my goals to see him in person. Then Team Coco announced that they would be filming a week of shows in Atlanta, 30 minutes from my hometown, so a plan was hatched. My brother and I both signed up for the ticket lottery. I didn’t win, but my brother did, and he said he would take me. (Best brother ever.)

After acquiring supermom status by driving down to GA with my son on Tuesday, I was up and ready to go on Wednesday morning at 4:30. In the morning. My brother and I met in downtown Atlanta at 6:00 in the morning and were the 31st and 32nd people in line at about 6:30 AM.

They would not start handing out tickets until 9:00, so we had a good three hours of talking and catching up (and freezing because I never am up that early and forgot that it’s cold before the sun comes up.)

We met some pretty cool people and my brother even managed to squeeze in some networking.

Around 8:00 they split the line to paper holders and standbys. After the standbys left, we were the 5th and 6th people in line. At about 8:30 they split the line again into blue and yellow. We happened to have blue papers, and we were the very first in the blue line! When they finally opened the ticket tent at 9:06, my brother and I got the very first tickets….and we were on the FRONT ROW!!! Totally worth it.

Conan, GA, and yellow door 002


After we got our bracelets, we got Conan buttons at the photo booth and set out for a day in Atlanta. I am saving this bracelet and button forever.

Conan bracelet

 Conan photo button

We went to the World of Coke.

Conan, GA, and yellow door 036

And toured the CNN studios.

Conan, GA, and yellow door 038

And ate lunch at a really great local restaurant.

We also did a lot of Conan stalking, but he never came out of his trailer.

We did get some pretty awesome pictures of us standing in front of the Tabernacle (the venue where Conan was filming) and with an awesome basketball with Conan hair, designed to promote both Conan’s tapings and the Final Four taking place in Atlanta that weekend.

Conan, GA, and yellow door 011 Conan, GA, and yellow door 018

Conan, GA, and yellow door 024Conan, GA, and yellow door 026Conan, GA, and yellow door 031 Conan, GA, and yellow door 034

The doors opened at 4:00ish and filming started at 5:00. How amazing is this venue and these front row seats??

Conan, GA, and yellow door 052 Conan, GA, and yellow door 043 Conan, GA, and yellow door 046 Conan, GA, and yellow door 056

The show was awesome, and I was close enough to touch Conan. They were very strict with their photography rules, though, so I don’t have any pictures of him!! So sad. I very sneakily snapped this one, but it’s blurry. :(

Conan and Andy commercial break

We did get some good ones of ourselves though…

Conan, GA, and yellow door 048 Conan, GA, and yellow door 051 Conan, GA, and yellow door 053 Conan, GA, and yellow door 063

And I even made it onto with my poster!

The show was great, and I loved getting to watch Conan in between commercial breaks and pre-taped segments. He cracks himself up at his own comedy, which I think is adorable. His opening act, Jimmy Pardo, asked who the first people were and my brother and I excitedly raised our hands. Which I almost immediately regretted because a large part of his opening act was a “roast” of us, which was kinda funny and kinda not-so-much-please-stop-now.

After the show my brother and I waited for AN HOUR in the rain to see Conan. That’s dedication, people. He never came out, but we did see Andy from afar.

Conan, GA, and yellow door 068

To be honest, I left in a bad mood 1) because I was EXHAUSTED, 2) the pre-taping “roast” dampened my mood and 3) because I really, really wanted to meet and get a picture with Conan. That is still on my bucket list.

But after getting a little bit of sleep, and getting to watch the show on TV, (you can totally see my brother and I on the front row in that episode!)  I have a much better perspective on how amazing the day really was. A fun day in Atlanta with my brother and getting FRONT ROW seats to see the love of my life, Conan? Not too shabby and totally before 30 bucket list approved. :)

I am SuperMom

I would like to officially nominate myself for SuperMom. It may be a fake contest, but I think I have a good chance of winning.

I’ve done a lot of SuperMom stuff before, like all of the things I do all of the time while my husband works 80 work weeks and we don’t have family around, or our disaster move to Richmond where I drove all the way up with a 9 month old and two cats by myself, or even the time I nursed while going to the bathroom, because hey, babies have to eat, even if it’s inconvenient.

Last week was my son’s Spring Break, and it was also my aunt’s wedding weekend. My brother also got tickets to see Conan O’Brien (the true love of my life) filming in Atlanta, so the stars aligned and a week long trip to Georgia was planned.

Except that my husband could not come.

On Tuesday, I packed up my son and I and drove the trip from Richmond, VA to Atlanta, GA by myself with a toddler. The 8 1/2 hour drive took 10 hours and I only got mad at my son once, so I consider it a great success. Enter SuperMom status.

On Wednesday, my brother and I spent all day in Atlanta and got front row seats to see Conan, which was pretty much the best day of my life, and my son stayed with my husband’s parents. I had dinner at my in-laws Wednesday night and then crashed at my mom’s.

Thursday was thankfully a laid back day with my mom, and then we geared up to drive 3 more hours to Huntsville, AL on Friday for the wedding weekend.

My son is three years old. This is the 5th (!) wedding he has been to in his life, and all of them have been 5 to 10 hours away from us. My husband has only attended 2 out of 5. It is very stressful to drag toddlers to weddings, let alone do it 5 times in three years, most of those times without your spouse. Enter SuperMom status again.

We survived the rehearsal dinner and wedding and set out to make the 12 hour drive home to Richmond, VA from Huntsville, AL on Sunday morning. Thankfully, my sister and brother-in-law were riding back with us that time since they had to head north to Washington, DC. I could not have made the trip back without them, because my son kept saying he had a hurt tummy and we had to stop twice for him to go to the bathroom with diarrhea and once after he projectile vomited all over himself, the car seat, and the back of my car.

I may be a contender for SuperMom, but I do not do vomit. It’s truly the one thing I can not handle. Thank goodness for my brother-in-law who helped me clean it up and my sister who calmly drove and stopped for our potty runs and vomit clean ups.

We made it home at 11:00 Sunday night, and after a day of much needed laziness yesterday, we entered back into the real world today. I have to tell you, I’m still not completely caught up.

What super thing have you done lately?