I have been feeling heavy for months, feeling like big decisions are looming over us and not knowing what to do.

Since January, we have been uncertain of where my son would go to school next year, whether or not my husband would do a fellowship (which decides when we will move) and maybe kinda sorta starting to TALK about having another kid. (How’s that for noncommittal?) As my son told me, “that’s only three things.”

I am a planner, and though my life has been nothing if not a constant exercise in change, I hate change. Hate it. I’m good at it, I do it a lot, but I can not stand it.

I like plans, and ideas of what will happen next and clear decisions.

And then today, we got some news.

My husband did not get his fellowship.

He told me with a huge grin on his face.

I think he really only wanted a fellowship because he felt like it is something he should do, not because it was something he was passionate about. And he is so ready to be done with residency and get a “real job.” Because our families still live in Georgia, our “real job” search will be in GA. We only have one year left in Richmond.

I have had mixed emotions all day. I have fallen in love with Richmond, and have established some amazing friends here. Richmond, VA is where we bought our first home, our son took his first steps, and where I finally found myself again after feeling lost from becoming a Mommy.

Secretly, I am also kind of relieved. I have to admit that living this far away from family is hard, and driving down to GA three times a year is extremely draining. At some point, we would need to just stop seeing family so much or just move closer to them because GA trips stress me out. A lot.

It also makes my preschool decision so much easier. As soon as I got the news I paid the deposit and turned in the contract for my son to stay at his current private school for pre-K next year. There is no point in changing schools for just one year right before moving and changing EVERYTHING. I am actually so thankful to be at peace about that. The preschool decision has been weighing heavily on me.

There is still a lot we don’t know. The job searching process will be a whole new adventure and we don’t know exactly WHERE in GA we would like to be. (Except definitely not the area we grew up in. That’s a story for a different day.)

But we do know that we will be moving away from Richmond, VA in the summer of 2014 and we know where our little guy will go to preschool next year. I feel like a huge weight has lifted.

As for the maybe kinda sorta baby thing? I can only handle so much in one day.



Some BIG News

Do you remember how I very briefly mentioned a new writing opportunity?

I am so excited to finally tell you what it is!

I am thrilled to announce that I will be a contributing writer for the newly relaunched

I have long admired this site, and have always been moved by the words of contributors such as the sweet Katie F. Hurley and Jenny Feldon.

Jenny is the editorial director for Moonfrye, and under her kind guidance I am so pleased to say that I am joining the team!

Seeing my name among this list of such talented writers makes me so nervous, but incredibly happy.

Who knew that one day this little blog would lead to such an amazing opportunity?

So today I invite you to go check out the beautifully redesigned site and read some of the kick off posts. They are stunning.

My first post is not up yet, but look for it soon. In the mean time, you can read about me and all of the other contributors here.

My sweet blogging friend, Galit Breen, whose words always take my breath away, is also leaping into this new venture. Read her announcement post here, where she describes a bit more about the background of the site.

I am so excited to be able to call myself a “real” writer and have the chance to contribute and be a part of the voices of this site.

I can not wait to see you there!