Redecorating with Wall Art from

Yesterday, the weather was gorgeous. My son and I actually got to spend some time outside and take a neighborhood walk, which was such a welcome reprieve from the cold snowy winter we’ve had.

And then, today, it snowed. Again. This time, starting early in the morning and it hasn’t stopped!

Stuck inside again all day, I’ve started to mentally redecorate this house. I love our home, usually, when it’s clean and we are free to come and go and not stuck in it every single second of every single day. But lately, I’ve just felt like the walls are closing in om me and I’m just so tired of the same old look we have going on in this house.

Since I’m quickly growing tired of my scenery, I was thrilled when reached out and asked if I’d like to do a post about their new wall art. I immediately jumped at the opportunity. I am a HUGE fan of Minted, especially their stationery and party decor. And now they have just introduced the most adorable collection of wall art.

How cute would this vintage inspired print be in a kitchen?

I love the modern print and black and white contrast of this print.

And how sweet would this be for a patriotic themed little boy’s room or nursery?

I also kind of love this playful chair print for a powder room.

The best part is, Minted’s limited collection of art prints starts at only $25, making it affordable for anyone’s price range.

You can order the prints with or without frames. I personally would go with the frame, so you have a ready to hang piece of art delivered directly to your door. Who wouldn’t be over the moon excited about that?

These prints would be perfect for personal redecorating or would make great gifts.

With styles ranging from traditional to contemporary, there is sure to be a print from Minted that you will fall in love with.

I would love to know; what Minted print will you chose for your home?

*I was offered a Minted credit in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. And I am totally going to use it to redecorate this house.*



Mini Makeover: Art Closet

My son likes to do crafts and I have been working more with him lately on sitting down and focusing. He loves to make play dough pancakes and marker maps and “write” grocery lists which are truly cherished scribbles to me.

The problem was, there was nowhere to put all of the things, so the china cabinet in the dining room became cluttered with art supplies. Accessible, kind of. Meeting my need for a clutter free home? Not so much.

Enter my idea to create an art closet. I choose the closet in one of our downstairs bedrooms that has become a computer room office/playroom/put all of the junk in there room. And the closet was just, well, a disaster.

messy closet

The hardest and longest part of this process was just going through all of our stuff! I hadn’t touched this closet since we moved in two and a half years ago. What I discovered was a lot of trash and a lot of stuff to give to Goodwill. Then, it was easy to arrange a bookshelf inside the closet with a basket for paper, markers, crayons, play dough, games, and art supplies. Enter a toddler accessible art closet that allows him to create whenever he likes and me to have a clutter free house.

art shelves

My other favorite feature of this art closet is something I did shortly after we moved to this house. I painted the entire inside of the door with chalkboard paint and measured out a 6 foot measuring chart that I painted on with white paint. We have been using this to measure my little guy since he was about 18 months old and he has the free reign to color on the chalkboard door as much as he wants.

chalkboard door

I also love his little hand-prints and every member of our family has been measured on our door at some point during visits. I love this part of our home, but as my father-in-law pointed out, we are going to have to take this door with us when we move!

So there you are, one mini makeover of an art closet, absolutely free, that made our lives just a bit more easy. It’s amazing what organization will do for you!

the art closet

What have you organized lately?