I am Julia. I have been naive, innocent, a performer, an overachiever, a neat freak, a student, confident, a nanny, a teacher, jaded, crazy, depressed, empowered, and happy. My most current descriptor is MOMMY which entails its own list of criteria and is the role I cherish most.

I am a full-time mommy to a 3-year-old who keeps me on my toes and  leaves me feeling elated and exhausted often within the same minute. (Hence the blog title.) I am a wife to a medical resident, and let me tell you, they call it residency for a reason. The hubs often pulls 80 hour work weeks at the hospital, but we don’t see a great pay check for it.  After spending our first 26 years in Georgia, we packed up and drove 10 hours north to Richmond, Virginia where we bought a house and started the next chapter of life; all away from a support system. I spend my time running the house, making ends meet, taking care of the baby and our 2 cats, and occasionally trying to gain my sanity back while writing or eating chocolate.

I am a busy mom in disguise as a girly girl….when I have time to remember that make up and style are still important to me.

I have an obsession with Starbucks, chocolate, and Conan O’Brien.

I find writing therapeutic and running the-worst-thing-ever.

I am a sucker for Friends re-runs and can not operate on less than 10 hours of sleep.

I started this blog to help me sort through my thoughts and keep me connected to the elusive adult world that I left long ago for a world of diapers, breast milk, and sesame street. I hope sharing my life with you will be fun, therapeutic, and bring some calm into my often hectic world.

My mind is full of musings, and although a 3-year-old and cats are great listeners are great, I think your thoughts might be better. I am constantly terrified to post my most intimate thoughts on the internet, but I am also always honored at the amazing and supportive community that exists in the blogging world. I started writing to find lost pieces of myself, and I continue writing to find you.

If you stick around, you will read stories about motherhood, parenting, the beauty of every day moments, my birth experience, my most intimate thoughts, and even poo. This blog is sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but always honest. Welcome to my little corner of the world where I try to stay present in the moments and take it one day at a time.

Thank you so much for coming to Elated Exhaustion. Sit down, grab a drink, and stay for a while. I’ll bring some chocolate. :)

Me, my toddler, and my husband. The main characters of this blog.

Need me for anything? Check out my contact page, or email me at elatedexhaustion(at)gmail(dot)com