The First Snow

“You guys, you guys, LOOK!!!”

His feet stomped heavily across the upstairs hallway as he ran, interrupting the quiet calm of early morning sleeping.

We stirred a bit in our sleep, more startled than awake.

“IT SNOWED!!” He declared in an excited yell.

We pulled back our bedroom curtain to reveal the white blanket that covered our lawn.

“It’s so beautiful,” I said, and I couldn’t help but reveal a sleepy smile to the animated face of excitement that stared at me as I fought through the morning fog.

My husband got up with him and set him up with breakfast and I slowly composed myself.

Soon my husband left for work and my son and I were left to start our day in the blanket of snow.

“It’s snowing again, Mommy!” We watched through our picture window; his big, brown eyes shadowed by long lashes and mine still clouded with the remnants of sleep.

The snow fell softly, inviting us to come out and play.

We dressed ourselves in careful layers and stepped out into the world of white.

My son’s entire face lit up as he ran through the snow laughing at his footprints and the cloud his breath made in the cold.

We made a small snowman as well as we could with just a dusting of snow, and laughed as he tasted snow and declared, “It tastes like cold!”

Our snow day was short lived as school was still running right on time, and we marveled at the beauty of the winter wonderland that surrounded us on our morning drive.

“It’s amazing,” we admired, partially for it’s beauty and partially for my awe that my son still had to go to school in this. My own childhood in Georgia meant that it almost never snowed, and if it did school would unquestionably be closed.

The snow melted quickly as the morning progressed and by the time I greeted his sweet face in the car pool line it was almost gone.

He told me about his day which included playing outside in the snow and building a snowman at school; a life experience I never had.

Our exciting morning turned into a normal afternoon and as I put him to bed that evening he mumbled, “I can’t wait until it snows again.”



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  1. Girlfriend…
    We got 10 inches of snow and that didn’t stop schools.
    Us Canadians were born for this :)
    I’m glad that you got a taste of the fluff stuff.
    I can send you some :)

    • Hahaha, I thought about you non-stop with our “bad winter” this year and don’t know how you Canadians deal with this all the time! I don’t mind the snow…but they needed to stop cancelling school.
      Julia recently posted..Scavenger Hunt Gender RevealMy Profile

  2. I know it sounds crazy to be sitting in my California sunshine – it’s about 75 degrees right now with blue, cloudless skies – and I’m jealous.

    But not the bad kind.
    The wistful, it-would-be-cool-to-have-seasons kind.

    I’m glad you and your sweet boy got to love the flakes.
    We have to drive for hours to get near any ourselves…
    julie gardner recently posted..A Lady in FranceMy Profile

    • It sounds amazing there! I totally get it. The wanting to have seasons thing. I grew up in GA and there are no seasons there, and no nice weather like CA….just hot. I do love the seasons in VA but realize that I am fair much better in nicer weather. :)
      Julia recently posted..Scavenger Hunt Gender RevealMy Profile