The First Week of School That Wasn’t

After a busy trip to the beach to celebrate my husband’s 30th birthday, followed by a week to Georgia to visit family, followed by an epic 4th birthday party for my son, it was inevitable that life would catch up with us.


Excited at pre-k orientation!

My son made it to his first day of school orientation where we both fell in love with his teachers and his cute classroom.

And then sickness hit.

I had woken up hours early and made muffins and painted a chalkboard sign for my son’s first day of school. I was so looking forward to some downtime from all of the craziness and quiet solitude as my husband returned to work and my son started his first day of pre-kindergarten. (Also? How is he old enough for pre-k??)

Our first day of school was instead spent in bed after my son threw up all over the couch. Thank goodness for removable and washable cushion covers.

His four year old check up was that afternoon but by then he seemed fine, just a bit tired. Everything checked out well with the doctor and my son came in at a healthy 37.5 pounds and 3.5 feet.

I was hoping for a recovery the next day but instead he woke up with a 102.2 degree fever. My poor little guy and I spent the whole day cuddling on the couch.

By the last day of his four day school week he felt good enough to go and was actually ready to get out of the house. And probably ready for a break from Mommy.


Cutest First Day of Pre-K picture ever.

He did have a great first day at school and how adorable is his first day of school picture??

His teacher is incredibly organized and communicative and has some adorable ideas for the school year. I think this is going to be his best year yet and I am so relieved to know we made the right choice despite all of my insecurities about school this spring.

To continue our crazy pace I had auditions for a Christmas production this weekend and worked my very first event for This week was a bit more normal but after summer and all of our traveling I still have not caught up on laundry! (Or sleep. I’m never caught up on sleep.)

We ended this week of my son’s school with a very special treat; Disney on Ice! You can see my review on

I think things are going to slow down…for a few days anyway, before all of the excitement of fall kicks in. :)

How has your fall gotten started?



  1. Oh man…usually they get sick AFTER they start school. We were germ free until the second week. Damn.
    He’s adorable and I’m glad that he’s in a class with a great teacher. That makes all of the difference. He’s going to rock it with that face :)
    Speaking of laundry, wanna do mine?
    Kimberly recently posted..Babies Come From The God StoreMy Profile

    • Girl, you are not going to believe it but the laundry is almost done. For real. Like, it’s ALL washed. Send yours my way! It’s the only area of life I have conquered right now. :)

      Making it to the second week of school germ free is a huge success! You rock!

      Hope you guys are having a good school year so far! xo
      Julia recently posted..The First Week of School That Wasn’tMy Profile

  2. Oh no! We had a similar issue. Our youngest had his first day of preschool. Then got sick and also we have like a million days off this month for Jewish holidays. So by the end of September, he will have been at his school TWO days. Arg!
    Nina recently posted..Helpful vs. Helpless KidsMy Profile