“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Noah, Happy Birthday to you,”

I sang softly into his ear as I rubbed his back.

We were waking up in an unfamiliar but extremely comfortable bed at the beach for a combination celebration of his 4th birthday and my husband’s 30th.

“I can’t believe you are four years old today!” I enthusiastically said as I watched his toothless grin appear beneath the haze of his sleepy eyes.

He gripped his Curious George lovey and snuggled close as he began to transition from his sleepiness.

“But Mommy?” he asked urgently once he had time to gather his thoughts. “Do you still love me if I’m four?”

I hugged him tightly as I responded “Of course I still love you! I love you every day, all the time, and I will love you forever no matter what age you are!”

“You will love me even when I’m sixteen?”

“Yes, I will love you even when you’re sixteen. I will love you forever.”

We slowly transitioned out of bed, because just beyond our bedroom door in the beach house all of his uncles and aunts were waiting. It was our very first combined sibling beach trip and it was so much fun!

But there in the midst of the excitement, I found myself staring at my sweet four year old boy, who I remembered as a baby and in all his in-between stages until now.

And of course I will love him, no matter how old he gets, no matter what he does, no matter who he becomes.

A Happy Birthday to the love of my life, my sweet little four year old.


Celebrating four years at the beach

Celebrating four years at the beach

My 30 year old and my 4 year old.

My 30 year old and my 4 year old




  1. “But Mommy?”…“Do you still love me if I’m four?”…“Yes, I will love you even when you’re sixteen. I will love you forever.” *melting* #tearingup

    Beautifully written as always, Julia. And look at you all at the beach! Pretty family :)

  2. Swoon…happy birthday wee one.
    I usually say that to my son…”Will you love me when you get older?”….sigh they grow too fast…oh and happy birthday to the hubby~
    Kimberly recently posted..SabotageMy Profile

  3. SO sweet Julia!!!
    Nina recently posted..Why Couple Friends MatterMy Profile

  4. My fourth birthday is the first one I remember. We had a little party with cake and games and I got a Fisher Price Little People farm as a gift.

    I can hardly believe I remember this forty years later…
    But how amazing to think that your sweet Noah may very well carry these memories you’ve been making with him now, forever.

    Just like your love.

    • Oh my goodness, how sweet! Thank you so much for saying that he will remember…it’s so strange to think that all of these things we put so much time into now when they are little are things that will slip from their minds as they get older.

      I remember the Little People farm! So fun. :)
      Julia recently posted..The Fourth Birthday Party: Ninja Turtle StyleMy Profile