Aunt Babs. Kind of.

(A not-so-coded post about periods. Don’t read if you are a boy. Or my family. Or anyone that doesn’t want to read about periods.)

Let’s pretend you have an aunt named Babs. (An upgrade from the traditionally named Flo.)

Every woman has this aunt. She varies from slightly annoying to downright painful, though she does gift you with the ability to have children, which is a plus. She likes to show up once a month and almost always at inconvenient times.

My relationship with Babs has been very predictable. She started visiting me monthly when I was 12 and never stopped.

Until I got pregnant.

The funny thing about Babs is that she doesn’t like to show up when you are pregnant or nursing. She also doesn’t like to show up if you use an IUD as a birth control method, which I did immediately after my son was born (because no way was I going through that experience again.)

Taking all of this into account, I have not seen Babs in 4 1/2 years. Four and a half years people!!

It’s been amazing. Wonderful. Truly, I have not missed her at all.

I got my IUD removed last month because it was causing all sorts of mood swings (sorry husband and son) and really I had just run my course with it. (Though it is supposed to be a 5 year birth control my doctor said a lot of people tend to feel this way around the 4 year mark.)

And then, this morning, Babs showed up. Truly at the most inappropriate time. Right before my son and I have a pool party to go to this afternoon and my husband and I are going away overnight tomorrow for a late anniversary celebration.

It was a great 4 and a half year run without you, Babs. I hope to endure only a very brief visit.





  1. Elizabeth says:

    It can seriously come at the *worst* time! Summers and Babs do not mix.

    Btw, how was the pool party and anniversary?