That Mom

I am not that mom.
The mom who makes homemade outfits and always has cookies in the cake plate.
The mom that has organic healthy meals prepared for dinner every night.
The mom that has crafts and busy bags and art projects in mind for each day.
I’m not a Pinterest worthy mom or a working out of the home mom or even a really put together mom.

I am his mom.
I am the mom who worries too much but tries not to show it.
That mom who is sometimes so overwhelmed by the love I feel for my son that it moves me to tears.
That mom that sometimes loses my temper.
That mom that keeps a clean looking house,  but you probably shouldn’t touch anything because toddlers are sticky.
That mom that will read a million bedtime stories and spends hours cuddling because there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.
That mom who is aware, every day, that these moments, the good and the bad, will not last forever.

I am not a perfect mom.
But I am his mom.
And for getting to be that mom, I am thankful.

My little guy very proudly showing me a train.

My little guy very proudly showing me a train, and me very proudly capturing a picture.


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  1. Le sigh.

    This is so very beautiful, my friend.

    Your version of mom? Looks beautiful on you!

    Galit Breen recently posted..This is Childhood: ONEMy Profile

  2. You are the perfect mom for your little boy. You are his mom in the ways that matter.
    Beautiful post, Julia!
    Alison recently posted..Tasty Thursday: Gingerbread LoafMy Profile

  3. Aw, this is beautiful. I always wish I could have crafts ready and organic meals planned, but that’s just not reality to me.
    Cute picture :)
    Runnermom-jen recently posted..Winter…My Profile

  4. Perfect description of human moms! Loved it!

  5. So true! I’m not that mom either.
    And funny enough – I’m not really friends with the “perfect” moms who have their organic home-baked cookies in their cake plates.
    Ado recently posted..Breastfeeding on the East Coast Sucks (Pardon the Pun…)My Profile

    • I’m so glad to know there are other “not that moms” out there!
      I think that’s one of the reasons I’ve become so attracted to the blogging mom world, there are so many moms here who are just real, tell it like it is moms. I find that incredibly comforting and like having some of the pressure to be perfect taken off. I don’t have any perfect in real life mom friends either. :)