Dress Rehearsal

I was sick to my stomach nervous all day.

Could not eat, could not sleep, and felt nauseous.

Of course the not sleeping part could have to do with a certain three-year old that lives here, but I digress.

Last night was dress rehearsal for our show.

Except it was really like opening night, because the audience was almost full with people coming for a preview and the show directors stressed the importance of the evening so much that I just couldn’t handle it.

I used to perform all the time. I used to be fairly good at it. I used to think I would one day do it professionally.

But I got married and had a baby instead, and left those dreams by the way side…I thought.

When this opportunity approached, I took a chance and auditioned, and got a lead role.

We have rehearsed for two months, and I know my scenes.

But yesterday I just wasn’t ready.

My understudy is amazing and I truly just wanted her to do the show. She’s so talented.

Queasy stomach and near tears I did the show….and I survived it!

I knew all my lines! I knew the dance moves! I didn’t mess up and I…..had fun!

I felt like myself again.

And so tonight, as we approach the opening of our 18 show run, I am still a little bit nervous. But I also know that this is exactly where I am meant to be right now. And for that, I am eternally thankful.

I just have to share this picture with you; this is me performing at dress rehearsal last night. If you want to see the show through pictures, check out this photo gallery from the amazing photographer nice enough to document the show for us last night.


  1. You are absolutely stunning. I am so proud of you for facing your fear head on. I know that you are going to do a smashing job. Don’t ever doubt yourself. You got that role for a reason and that is because you are the sauce to the awesome.
    Love you and hope that you knock this out of the park!

    • Oh my goodness you are so sweet! The shows have been going well; 2 down 16 more to go! It’s so much fun and I’m feeling a little less nervous each time.

  2. You look so fantastic! I am so proud of you for reaching for your dreams! I know it’s scary. It’s SO scary! But, you’ll never know unless you try. I wish I lived close so I could see it!
    April recently posted..It’s okay to not like pregnancy.My Profile

    • Thank you so much!! I thought of you, because I remember one of the things on your 30 before 30 list was to sing a solo. I so wish we lived closer so you could come see and I would totally get you up there to perform with me! :)

  3. This is amazing, Julia! Go you for pursuing this. It’s so awesome isn’t it, having something that’s all yours? Good luck with the rest of the shows!
    Alison recently posted..Being The BabyMy Profile