Being a Boy Mom

Being a boy mom is…weird.

Never in my life have I discussed penises more than I do as the mother of a boy.

Before having a boy, I never had to make myself highly interested in bugs. Or slime. Or bodily functions.

Before having a boy, I never had the life experience of cleaning up poop from toilets, floors, and walls. And the top of the toilet. And the carpet. And almost any other possible surface.

Before having a boy, I never realized just how active boys really are. I hear people say it all the time, but I think they really are wired differently than girls. Little boy brains just think differently.

So, naturally, when surprising moments of being a boy mom happen, I Tweet about it:








Being a boy mom surprises and challenges me.

And it is absolutely perfect.


  1. Thankfully, I feel like somehow being a non-girly-girl equipped me for this. I was sort of prepared for the activity (though one of my boys beats even the normal boy activity level and is like a skyrocket) and the busyness, and I feel like I’d prefer it over the girl drama that I’ve seen on my block, which has a lot of little girls. Once these two girls were having what can only be described as a baby girl fight (they were like 4) and my oldest son (then, 2) just stared at them, like he could not understand what the screaming and hand gesturing and the tears were all about. It was just…drama. My boys are wild and messy, but they are simple and I love it. I am pregnant now, and I think it’s a girl and my whole world will be rocked. But maybe it will be a boy and we’ll just be more busy. :) Great quotes!
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    • Good for you! I think you are right; boys are so different but there is so much less drama. Congrats on your pregnancy! Your world will turn upside down if it’s a girl!
      At least boys are always good for a laugh and keep us on our toes!

  2. Ohmygoodness girl, do I *ever* hear you!

    Also, hee! :)

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  3. Do you know how much I needed this laugh?
    Big time.
    Boys are another breed of humans.
    My son calls his penis junk.
    He learned that from Dad.
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  4. Being a Mom to a boy is definitely fun! I never thought I’d participate in a farting contest, and now it’s almost weird if we don’t have one in a day. Don’t worry, my farts are lady-like.

    And your son is hilarious! I love his hairy quote… hahahaaa!!
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    • Oh my goodness we have not entered into the world of farting contests yet, but I can see it coming.
      Haha, my little guy is a mess and I love it!!

  5. OMG, that is too funny.
    I have a boy and a girl and it’s true – boys are “active”.
    I have heard things like : “Look mom, I pooped a turd in the shape of Japan!” and other gems like that 😉
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  6. My son has also likened his poop to a mountain. And I have been known to say things like, “Okay, buddy, do you want to play with your cars or your penis right now?” And speaking of cars, is your home overrun with tiny vehicles? I know way more about different kinds of construction equipment than I did before becoming a boy mom. GOOD TIMES! :)
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    • It’s weird, right? Why do boys feel the need to compare their poop to objects?
      I LOVE your question to him. That is awesome.
      We are not overrun by vehicles, but you are unable to walk in our house with out being attacked by some sort of plastic dinosaur.
      Ahhh, boys.

  7. I have two boys. I can remember saying things like “Quit telling your brother to eat sand”. We still have the Audubon Society bug book, which was at one time my bible. The pages are very well worn and we’ve had countless critters in jars residing in our house.
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