Finding My Voice

Last night, I was stuck in a downward spiral.

I was trying to coordinate holiday plans with family that lives far away, and heard news of a trip to Paris and some pregnancies. I started to go down the path one should never go down; a path of self-depreciation.

We have no trips to Paris on our schedule. Whenever we have free vacation time we use it to go visit relatives. There is no exciting baby news here. Our lives are inundated with work, running a household, and taking care of a toddler.  There are no major accomplishments or life changes to celebrate here. Basically, it is just plain boring.

As I spiraled into a negative thinking pattern that involved questioning my worth and my path in life and wondering what I would ever amount to, I packed my son’s bag. I was getting ready to take him to childcare so I could attend a rehearsal for my lead role in a Christmas production.

After getting my son settled, I walked into the rehearsal area and busied myself with rehearsing lines.

After a few minutes, one of the older men in the production approached me and asked my name, and followed up by saying, “I didn’t realize that was your real voice.”

So here’s the thing if you haven’t met me in real life…I have kind of a unique voice. One that has been made fun of, drives comments from cashiers at check out lanes, and sometimes even receives a compliment. But it is noticeably a different thing. And it lands me lead roles on the stage.

So sometime towards the beginning of rehearsals in October, this older gentleman had complimented me on my theatrical voice. Last night when he approached me, he said he didn’t realize that was actually my voice. I responded by saying, “This character isn’t me, but, yes, it is my natural voice.”

And then the most amazing thing happened.

This man stood there and inspired me. He asked if I had ever considered performing professionally.

“Well, yes, that’s what I always wanted to do. I was even a voice major in college and I used to perform a lot in community theater. But then, you know, I got married and had a baby, so now I’m just a mom. This Christmas show is just for fun.”

He stopped me from my spiraling as he said, “I’m not saying this to be nice, I’m saying this to be true; you are very talented. You have a gift. God gave you that. Is this something you want to do?”

“Well, yes, it’s always something I’ve loved doing, but you know, now I’m just a mom and…”

“No, it doesn’t matter what anyone says. If this is something you want to do, you need to do it. If your husband loves you, he will support you. This show isn’t just for fun. This show is your starting point.”

He continued to tell me about how much he enjoys watching me perform. How unique my voice is.  How he loves this character I’m bringing to life. He quoted scripture to me. He made me cry.

And then he said, “This is my mission. Because I was meant to talk to you tonight. And you are meant to do something great.”

As I wiped tears away from my eyes, I said, “Thank you. That is something I really needed to hear tonight.”

He left with a smile and a “See you on stage.”


 It’s a prayer I say often, “Dear God, You gave me a voice. Please show me how to use it.”

And then it was answered with a speech from a man at rehearsal and an email about a new writing opportunity…both on the same day. (I’m telling you, fives are significant!) (And I can’t wait to tell you about the new writing opportunity..more news on that soon.)


Late last night, after my son and I returned home safely from rehearsal and my husband got home from his 12 hour shift, I began to recount my encounter to my husband as we stood in the kitchen, him eating leftovers and me sipping a cup of hot tea. Our toddler was eating a late night snack near by and we were all winding down to head to long-awaited bed.

“I guess I just thought that part of my life was over, you know? I mean I made a choice between pursuing performance or getting married and having a family. And now I’m just a wife and a mom and this show was just something to do. But tonight, this man inspired me. He reminded me that maybe I could be more than that. People used to say things like that to me all the time, but no one has said anything like that to me in a long time. I don’t know, it just really meant a lot for him to say that. And then there’s this writing opportunity  That’s one of the reasons I started blogging  right?  To become open to possibilities.  Maybe I could still be somebody.”

At this point, somehow my husband and I had wandered over to the refrigerator (I tend to pace when I talk.) My husband hugged me and gave me a kiss as he said “Of course you’re somebody.”

And then, on perfect cue, the cereal boxes on top of the fridge fell down and hit me on the head, spewing a few Apple Jacks and Frosted Flakes around.

My husband, toddler and I all erupted into hysterical laughter that was just as much from the humor of falling cereal as it was from exhaustion before finally heading upstairs to bed.

Maybe there’s a greater purpose for me somewhere out there. Maybe I can use my voice for writing and performing in some capacity. But at the end of the day I will always be a Mommy, finding humor in spilled cereal and beauty in slobbery kisses.


Speaking of using your voice, today is election day! I was thrilled to take my son to vote today and loved how proud he was to participate. Did you use your voice and vote?

We voted! Presidential Election 2012




  1. Love every single word in this.

    Possibility – always be open to possibility, right?

    Galit Breen (@GalitBreen) recently posted..Let’s Talk About ChutzpahMy Profile

  2. That is really neat! I’m glad you were able to receive some encouragement and hope that you have some opportunities to use your gifts!
    kiki recently posted..A Tale of Two Facebook Statuses, OR The Mom in the MiddleMy Profile

  3. this! YES you matter!! your gifts are plenty and your voice is needed. in home and in he world. so proud of you embracing the fullness of you, and can’t WAIT to hear about this writing opportunity of yours!!
    tara pohlkotte recently posted..Wednesday’s Woman: Madeleine L’EngleMy Profile

    • You are so sweet…thank you so much! It’s nice to be reminded of our importance sometimes. And I will tell you about the writing thing very soon…I promise!

  4. Don’t you just love it when you’re down in the dumps, there’s someone/something that’ll bring you right out of it? I’m so happy for you and the new opportunities that presented themselves before you ♥ You are somebody! I can’t wait to see what you’ll do with your gifts :)

    PS I am loving your blog and your writing style. I just want to hug you!
    Trina recently posted..Eeeeeelection Daaaaay! 2012My Profile

  5. I totally used my voice to vote today…and I’m thrilled that God put someone in your path to remind you of yours!
    Kimberly recently posted..I hereby declare…My Profile

  6. i am jumping up and down. that man was your angel.
    jessj recently posted..The Morning AfterMy Profile

  7. How perfect. I hope you follow this dream! Although I don’t happen to believe in the phrase “just a mom” – there could hardly be a job more important. :) But I understand how you feel – being a mom can also tend to eclipse the other gifts that make you YOU.
    Dilovely recently posted..The Artistic Development of a Three-Year-Old – Not Very Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

    • You are so right. Being a mom is the most important job. I don’t know why I let myself downplay and forget that. Thank you so much for your sweet words!


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