I Like

I Like…


cat purrs

toddler hugs

showering alone

sleeping next to my son

dancing in the living room

chai tea lattes


FRIENDS re-runs


getting lost in a book

feeling confident in real life

remembering to sing


seeing beauty in myself

seeing beauty around me

reminders that I am blessed

the way my son lights up my life

the way rain sounds on the roof

pajama days

social days

girl’s nights

Broadway shows

wine and dessert

walks in my neighborhood

hearing other people’s stories

sharing pieces of my own

living in the present

looking forward to the future

not dwelling on the past

being with friends

being with myself

being a Mommy


a busy calendar

a flexible schedule

a clean house

an empty laundry basket

a full tummy

new clothes

a freshly made bed

anything pink

staying up until midnight

photo-journalistic style photography

fall weather

conversations with my almost three-year-old

day dreaming




  1. Love this.

  2. I like a lot of the same things :)

  3. I love so many of the same things too…especially flexible schedule, writing, bring a mommy, photo-journalistic style photography, girls nights….

    • Yay! Those things really do bring me so much happiness. I”m so glad you find comfort in some of those very same simple pleasures. :)