The Lullaby

“Will you sing me a song Mommy?”

A smile flirts across my lips as I begin to sing a song I knew from long ago:

Toss a penny in a well

Make a wish,  you never can tell

Trust your heart and believe come what may

That anything can happen, 

If you let it happen

Anything can happen today

His eyes begin to flutter. His blinks begin to get longer.

His breathing begins to deepen and he curls up closer to my side.

Don’t be afraid to take a chance

Don’t look down each time that you dance

True romance comes right out of the blue

So anything can happen 

If you let it happen

Anything can happen for you

Heavy eyelids and peaceful breathing begin to fall into a sleepy rhythm.

Who knows maybe right around the corner

Your future is waiting for you

Don’t be afraid to take a chance

Don’t look down each time that you dance

Letting go is the only thing to do;

Then anything can happen

If you let it happen

Anything can happen for you

oo oo ooo oooooooo

He sighs as he moves in a bit closer and I watch as his final blink turns into closed eyes.

He is sleeping.

And I hope he is dreaming of hope and possibility and his very own happily ever after.

Good night my sweet little one.

*This song is called “Anything Can Happen” by Linda Eder from her album entitled “It’s No Secret Anymore.” I sang this solo my junior year of high school. There are many of my old performance pieces I have long forgotten, but this one has stayed with me. I must have been meant to remember it all these years so that I could sing it to my son every night.*


  1. Beautiful. So sweet. Perfect moments to cherish :)

  2. I like the name of your blog and this post seems to fit it well. I remember those exhausted bedtime rituals and my kids asking me to sing to them too. How every new song was like found treasure to rock them to sleep. And I bet you never would’ve thought while singing that song in highschool, that you would sing it to your child someday. Love that!

    • Thank you so much! I am so glad that you came by to read and comment. It is such a funny thing when parts of our past come back to our present so that we can weave them into our children’s lives.

  3. I still sing American Lullaby to my little one from the “old” days. I love reading that you still sing too.

  4. This is so so so beautiful. Love those sweet moments.