Stop and See

Often, in daily life I forget to see my son. I see him every day, but my view of him is hindered by the constant toddler tornado I see as he runs around and busies himself with the exploration of his world. My view of him is muddled in the daily “Mommy I need this” and “Mommy come do that.” I lose sight of him as I put away toys and wash dishes and try to scrub the strawberry stain out of his favorite shirt. I forget to just enjoy him as I fix his juice and warm his food. As I wipe his mouth and bottom and drive him to activities. As I play with him while thinking about the things I have waiting for me on my grown up to-do list.

A few weeks ago, we had a family photo session. When we received the pictures, I got teary. There he was. My son. And in this captured moment of stillness, I SAW him.

He is beautiful. 

In these pictures, I saw him for who he is. I noticed the redness of his hair that I often take for granted. I marveled at the deepness and darkness of his eyes. I delighted at the sweet smile that so often plays across his lips and the sometimes mischievous look that lights up his face.

I saw his smallness and his bigness all at the same time. I saw the beauty and wonder and blessing that is my little boy.

I saw the way he loves us, his Mommy and Daddy. And I saw the way we love him more than anything else in this world.

In these captured moments, these captured memories, I stopped and saw our family. I saw my little boy and the love I so often forget to see in the chaos and monotony of daily life. I got to stop and see my life, and remember what a beautiful thing it is.

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*The pictures were done by Amy Robinson Photography located in Richmond, VA. If you are in or around the Richmond area, you should definitely look into hiring her! We adore her both for her talent and personality. You can find her here:


  1. So true! Too often, we don’t *see* them, just as we miss seeing ourselves. I hope you also saw that you’re a beautiful wife and mother, and your family is gorgeous. Thank you for linking up!

    • Oh, thank you so very much for your sweet words, Alison. I adore this link up. These pictures and the revelation they gave me were so important.

  2. These pictures are gorgeous. I especially love the last one. Pure joy. I think I’ll take a moment and go and “see” my boys right now. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. There you are Julia! I loved seeing these photos of you and your husband particularly because the pure joy and happiness on your faces when looking at your little boy is so endearing! What a lovely family you all make. The black and white one labeled “laughing family” is gorgeous and tells a beautiful story!

    • Thank you so very much, Devon! Reading your comment just made me realize that this is the first time I’ve shared pictures of myself on this blog! So….that’s me. :) I’m so glad the photographer was able to capture these sweet moments.

  4. These are gorgeous photos.
    You’re right. We get far into chores and things that we forget to stop and enjoy life WITH them.
    Thank you for the reminder :)

  5. aaaaw cuteness!!

  6. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family! Love this post, I feel the same way so many days. It’s such an eye-opener when we really SEE them, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing!

  7. Toddler tornado is a great analogy! It’s great to get back to the love in the whirlwind of it all – great photos!

    • Hehe, thank you so much! I love my little toddler tornado, and the way these pictures made me see my sweet family.

  8. Beautiful photos and you are so right. We don’t really “see” them sometimes. And that photo of him, the first one holding someone’s hand, it is just gorgeous. Nice to meet you this week.

    • Thank you so much! He’s holding his Daddy’s hand and that’s my hand on the side. I love his expression in that one. So nice to meet you too! Thanks so much for reading!

  9. So very sweet. My son is almost 11.5. His face and body are changing again. He wants to know why I keep staring at him. I haven’t told him that I am looking for the boy he used to be.

    I love who he is now, but that toddler is basically gone and it won’t be long before the boy’s face is too.

    • “I’m looking for the boy he used to be.” Swoon. What a wonderful and sweet comment. This did make me a bit teary; I know it won’t be long before I am where you are. They really do grow up too fast. Thanks for coming by.

  10. Oh my, is this ever stunning! Your words, your photos, your seeing – all of it!

  11. Beautiful photos! I think a friend of mine used Amy Robinson as well – her name sounds familiar. We’re big, big fans of Pete and Liliana at PW Photography. Richmond has some awesome photogs! :)

    • Thank you! We adore Amy. I’ll have to look into PW Photography as well. I seriously love Richmond. So much talent here!

  12. this was all so very perfect.

  13. This is breathtaking – your words, your love for you family, and your son.

  14. Oh Julia, just like always I can relate SO much to this post. I realize so often that sometimes I get so caught up in the cook this, wash that, pick up this, pay that adult non-sense that I forget to take the time to stop and see my babies. It seems like my to-do list is never ending and the girls play all day, and I watch them, and tend to them, and play with them all the while knowing what ELSE I have to do. Then I look at pictures and they amaze me. I have been known to get teary-eyed looking at pictures and even (or especially) when I go in to check on Alexis while she is sleeping. I look at how calm and peaceful she is, and see her innocence because she’s not saying “No, Mommy!” and tear up. I understand what you mean you see his bigness and smallness all at the same time too. Anyhoo, this post was great and really describes the feeling well and your pictures are beautiful. Noah looks just like you AND your husband and funny, I recognize the backdrop of the picture of just you and the hub! :)

    • Thank you so much! I’m so glad this is a relate-able feeling. Sometimes, these mommy moments just really strike you. And you are so right; so often I find that I see him in all of his beauty best when he is sleeping.
      So funny you recognize the backdrop! It’s at Libby Hill Park in Richmond. I think Noah is a perfect blend of us. I’m so glad you shared your thoughts here.

  15. What great pictures and it’s so nice that you could really look at them.