Just Like My Flowers

The light of the moon made its way into the bedroom as the toddler and I snuggled under the covers. Another day had faded away and my little boy and I cuddled up close as we settled into bed.


“Yes sweet boy.”

“Do you hear that?”

“Hear what?”

“My flowers are growing!”

“Your flowers are growing?”

“Yes! They are growing bigger and bigger!”

“Yes, they are growing bigger and bigger.”

“Am I growing bigger too?”

“Yes, you are growing bigger, too.”

“And stronger?”

“Yes, everyday you are growing bigger and bigger and stronger and stronger.”

“Uh-huh Mommy. Just like my flowers?”

“Just like your flowers.”

I could see him pondering. Satisfied, he cuddled up next to me and arranged himself to fit into the curve of my side.

I held him close and we both closed our eyes. I drifted to sleep listening to the beautiful sound of a toddler and his flowers growing in silence.


  1. Oh my, so lovely. I love the image of both boy and flower growing in silence.

  2. That is so beautiful. My son has been talking to the flowers in my garden like their pets. He took his cup of water and splashed it on some of them and said “You look thirsty like me.”…kids are hilarious.

    • Oh my goodness that is so sweet! I love that he is taking care of them and giving them his own characteristics. Adorable.

  3. So sweet – thanks for the smile (and for the overwhelming urge to squeeze my older kids until they’re toddler-sized again). :)

    • Aww, thank you. Go squeeze those babies. And also please tell me that they don’t ACTUALLY grow up……do they?

  4. Absolutely stunning.

    Like poetry.