My Favorite Part of The Day

It is time for you to wake up. I sleepily turn to you and see you slumber. You have snuggled up next to me in my bed, and I enjoy your company here.

The sun light streams in from the window and highlights the red in your hair. My sleepy eyes glimpse your innocent beauty and I smile at you as I sing your name to remind you that it’s time to begin the day.

Your eyelids flutter and see me adoring you. You smile and wrap your arms around my neck, pulling me down to hug you. We are happy here.

As we begin to leave our sleep for our awake you tell me, “This my fav-rite part of da day, Mommy cuddles.” And I smile and hug you tighter because it’s a saying I have taught you. Every morning I tell you, “This is my favorite part of the day, Noah cuddles.” And every morning, I mean it. I think you do, too.

And then the clock ticks and reminds us that we need to get dressed because the day is ready for us to explore it. And we reluctantly will get out of bed and start the morning which will always involve some sort of struggle because you are two and not yet restricted by the numbers on a clock.

But before the struggles start and the activities begin and the house needs cleaning and you need engagement I cherish those morning moments. My most favorite part of the day, my morning Noah cuddles.


  1. This is totally sweet and beautifully written. :)

  2. That is so sweet. That is a wonderful way to start the day for sure. Babe cuddles are the best.

  3. Very sweet. I love those moments as well!